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February 10, 2021

Workouts That Improve Your Mood

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

At Prime Performance in Totowa, New Jersey, we work hard to keep up with the latest studies on health and fitness. One area that’s increasing popularity is using exercise as an adjunct treatment. It’s been know for years that exercise can improve your mental attitude as it improves your overall health. Mental health care professionals first suggested it because it burned off stress hormones and boosted the hormones that make you feel good. Exercise also increases oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain. Here are a few workouts that improve your mood that are easy to do when you need them most.

No matter where you are, you can walk.

Walking and running are the most accessible exercises available. You’ll get your heart pounding and boost your circulation when you run. If you’re not dressed for a run, in a place you can run or simply too out of shape to run very far, walking is still a good option to enhance your mood. You can walk anywhere, even if you’re indoors. Create a path around your house or apartment if walking outside isn’t possible. One study found that just 30 minutes of walking every day could help lift mild depression without medication.

Strength training can also relieve stress and make you smile.

While running or walking is good, so is strength training. While some studies show that walking or running can help bring relief from bad moods or even mild depression, others show that strength training can do the same. A study of stroke survivors found that when the subjects did strength training for ten weeks, it reduced the symptoms of depression. Part of the reason is the physical changes and release of hormones in the body, but part of it is the sense of accomplishment the person gets as he or she builds strength.

You don’t have to sweat to get relief from depression.

Whether it’s the gentle moves of tai chi or the poses of yoga, you’ll get huge benefits. While gentle tai chi may look easy, it’s far harder than you think, just as yoga is. However, you’ll improve your mindfulness, strength and flexibility with both. That laser focus on breathing and precise movements can block your negative thoughts for a while and even help with major depression, especially for seniors.

  • Go to the playground and take your kids. Enjoy playing on the equipment with them and feeling young again. You’ll not only feel better, but build memories with the kids.
  • Exercise outside if weather permits. If you have grass, go barefoot and do grounding as you workout. Not only will the exercise do you good, walking on the grass barefooted in the sunshine will also improve your mood.
  • Sometimes, the cause of anxiety, depression or just a foul mood comes from lack of sleep. When you workout regularly, you’ll get sounder and better quality sleep.
  • It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose, a healthier lifestyle with a program of exercise and healthy eating habits will make you look and feel your best. That’s bound to improve your mood.

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