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Even though kettlebells are the hot new trend to the exercise scene, Russian strongmen used kettlebells since the early 1700s to build strength. What’s made them so popular? The answer is the total workout kettlebell routines offer, cutting the workout time and the huge amount of calories the workout burns. Totowa kettlebell personal trainer

You’ll burn more calories with kettlebell training.

The American Council on Exercise ACE—conducted a study to find out the amount of calories burned and the whether kettlebell training really did provide both strength and aerobic training. They used ten experienced kettlebell enthusiasts. The subjects were both men and women whose age varied between 29 and 46. The results were amazing. They found the average amount of calories burned per minute was 20.2, which is amazing. It’s the equivalent of cross-country skiing at a fast pace uphill.

Cut your workout time with kettlebells.

No only did the study by ACE show the workouts with kettlebells burned huge amounts of calories, they also found it provided a total body exercise. A twenty-minute workout could replace an hour session containing 30 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes on the treadmill. The study showed that not only did kettlebell training provide cardiovascular and strength workouts, it also increased flexibility. That means you spend less time working out and get better results. It’s no wonder that the training is becoming more popular with busy people.

Learn the proper form first with personal training.

Learning the proper technique is the key to avoiding injury and building strength. Kettlebell training isn’t anything like training with weights. It requires different techniques. Learning the basic moves, eight of which ACE used in their study, requires the help of an expert to insure you have proper form. However, it doesn’t take long to learn the techniques and once you do, it prepares you for a great 20-minute workout that can make you stronger and improve your endurance.
Kettlebells training doesn’t require a room full of equipment, just two small kettlebells that can fit in the back of a closet.
A personal trainer can help you find the proper sized kettlebell for your fitness level.
You can workout in a small space when you use kettlebells, which makes it ideal for those who don’t have time to go to the gym.
As you improve and become stronger, a personal trainer can show you how to shorten your recovery time and add reps to make the workout more challenging.

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