About Us

About Us

The Prime Fitness Vision

Prime Fitness personal training offers a unique experience when compared to other gyms in the Totowa, NJ area. Our personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring that our clients receive a high level of instruction and personal attention. Whether your focus is fat loss, strength gains or overall health improvement, Prime Fitness personal trainers will ensure you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. We strive to provide personal training services that truly make a difference in people’s lives, helping them attain the levels of fitness they desire. Come to Prime Fitness today and unlock your full potential with the help of our personal training services!

Meet Jose Ramos

Jose Ramos is a trained fitness professional with over 15 years of experience. His journey began as a high school athlete. As a young teen, Jose battled with his weight. Sports and fitness became his outlet and weapon to combat obesity. This revelation was his catalyst to pursue a career in fitness to help others with their fitness journey.

Jose opened Prime Fitness after experiencing a hard loss in his life and learned how powerful exercising can be to stay positive and encourage others. Jose has worked as a personal trainer in the local area for many years and with his passion for fitness, has realized the way for him to help more individuals, was to open up his own facility.
The doors of Prime Fitness have been serving the Totowa, NJ area for over 12 Years. Having many clients ranging from CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, seniors, to some high level athletes. All are welcome at any fitness level, to achieve and exceed their fitness goals.

José has completed many certifications over his fitness career. He remains a certified personal trainer by NASM in addition holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Why would you want to train with Jose you may ask? Well his work ethics of providing effective goal specific workouts speaks for themselves.
Prime Fitness is known to be safe, clean and fully equipped for every fitness level.

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