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You can jumpstart your exercise program by signing up at our Fairfield Bootcamp. Boot camp is a concentrated method of exercise, which meets as many as five times a week. Each concentrated course normally lasts four to six weeks and by the end of the time, you?ll see some dramatic results. Boot camp isn’t a place you go where someone screams at you to exercise and forces you to do pushups as punishment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It may have a grueling exercise regimen, but the instructors at boot camp consider your level of fitness and create a program specifically designed for your needs. You?ll find the regimens they create are challenging without being overwhelming.

You may do more than simply exercise at a boot camp. In some cases, you learn nutritional tips that can help you lose weight. Many of the instructors at boot camps are also personal trainers. Boot camps may offer dietary advice and may create a specific diet for you to follow either at their camp or on their website, to maximize your weight loss while still consuming all the nutrients you need for a healthy existence. Many of the aids provided can help you create meals that are filling, low calorie and quite tasty. In many cases, people who use the dietary advice say they now eat more than ever before but still lose weight. However, the foods they select may be different or contain substitute ingredients that make them lower in calories.

Boot camps can also provide motivation. Half the battle with weight comes because your mind has an image of what you look like and doesn’t want you to deviate from that. Of course, dieting also causes a feeling of deprivation. Food also is a substitute for love in some cases. Some people stuff food in their mouth to avoid feeling specific emotions or speaking their mind. People who understand the psychology of losing weight address all of these issues. They also give you tips to help you overcome those issues and encouragement to continue.

Some of the benefits of attending a boot camp in Fairfield include:

    • Boot camp provides comradery and all the individuals help one another and cheer each other on to victory.
    • Boot camp is far more inexpensive than a personal trainer is, but you reap many of the same benefits.
    • You?ll see quicker results at a boot camp, which also gives encouragement to continue.
    • Boot camp can make you push a little harder to succeed.
    • Boot camp is fun. Let’s face it, as a kid, you probably burned thousands of calories but never thought about how grueling it was because you were having fun.
    • Our Fairfield bootcamp can get you into shape and teach you new exercise skills to keep you there. It provides a challenging atmosphere and a social one that makes your hard work far more fun than it would be doing it alone. You?ll learn many different aspects of weight control but most of all, you?ll have fun while changing from flabby to fabulous.


    “Top Notch Trainer”

    “If you are looking for a personal trainer who will cater training to your personal goals, look no further. Jose is well educated in his field and always challenges himself to learn and teach more to his clients. As a client for over 3 years, I have learned a considerable amount from Jose including, alternate ways to achieve my fitness goals. He is extremely professional and motivating!! A total class act!! I would absolutely recommend Jose to anyone and at any fitness level.”



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