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January 25, 2022

Work Like A Dog, Sweat Like A Pig, Look Like A Fox

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

At Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey, we’re proud of how hard our clients work. As the saying goes, “they work like a dog, sweat like a pig and look like a fox” because of it. It takes both commitment and consistency to achieve the results we see in our clients. Our science based workout program has a lot to do with the success, but it all boils down to their hard work and consistency.

If you’re working out hard, you’re sweating up a storm.

Sweat is Mother Nature’s cooling system. It also helps cleanse your system of impurities. Even though sweat is a sign you’re working out hard, you don’t necessarily have to sweat to get results. Just walking can help you get into shape if you do it on a regular basis. Just standing up more often if you’re in a job where you normally sit for hours, can reduce your potential for cardiovascular disease significantly. However, when you workout at the gym or increase the intensity of the workout, which promotes sweat, you’ll get those results faster.

You’ll look fantastic and feel great.

When you workout, you’ll boost circulation, which sends oxygen and nutrient laden blood to all parts of your body. Not only will sweating clear out your pores when you exercise, it also improves air flow, and aids in clearing up skin conditions like acne. The increased circulation increases collagen production and elastin, so your skin will look less wrinkled and you’ll look younger.

You’ll have pep in your step and a smile on your face.

No one is more attractive than a person who smiles. Part of being sexy is being healthy and happy. You’ll walk with the confidence of a good looking person who knows his or her own worth and likes the person they are. You’ll have more bounce in your step, which is also youthful and attractive. While exercise won’t necessarily stop the aging process, it can reverse some damage and prolong an attractive more youthful appearance.

  • While antioxidants that protect cells are found in food, your body also makes them. The more you exercise, the more antioxidants your body makes to protect your cells and keep you looking your best.
  • Get rid of stress lines on your face. Working out burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good. It also helps keep your mind as youthful as your body.
  • How else can working out help you look better, besides helping you lose weight and tone your muscles? It helps you sleep sounder at night. Lack of sleep not only can cause circles under your eyes, it can increase the hunger hormones in your body that causes you to eat more and gain weight.
  • The next time you workout, enjoy every minute of sweating, knowing your giving your body the workout it deserves to be its healthiest and draw you closer to your goal of a healthier, more attractive you.

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