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November 9, 2012

Why your Gym Sucks

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What makes Prime different than other gyms in Totowa NJ

I opened Prime in November of 2011. My vision for the facility is simple provide the best coaching, program design, and small group training in North Jersey. I set out to change the way you train. We are not a big commercial gym that offers a whole bunch of machines, juice bar, and flat screens mounted everywhere you go. This sounds like more of a social gathering than a place to train.

 Prime offers you a different way to train, a different way to experience fitness, and a different fitness cultural. We are a gym that exists to provide the tools and space to TRAIN. People come to Prime Performance to perform functional movements that will help make them better physically.

 We have the equipment you want and need to achieve your goals. We stock Barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, suspension trainers, sandbags, and sleds. We don’t have any dust collecting machinery. We have the stuff the will get you RESULTS. What are results? Losing body fat, building lean toned muscles, getting stronger, moving better.

 Prime has many programs that will meet your fitness goals. We offer semi-private personal training, small group kettlebell and bootcamp. All our members get an evaluation, movement screen and a goal setting consultation. You won’t be just another member here,You will get personalized support in your personal fitness journey.