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March 25, 2024

Tracking Your Progress Is Essential For Success

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

Tracking your fitness progress and exercise program can be much like playing a video game. You can continue to challenge yourself to do better. If you didn’t keep track, there would be no challenge or reason for playing it. It makes it more exciting with the competitiveness, whether it’s competing against yourself or others. Tracking your fitness program does the same.

What are you tracking?

You can track the number of reps you do, your energy level during exercise, or your weight or endurance. You can track all three of those things and more. It’s all about what provides you with the most information, fits your goal, or provides the biggest challenge. Depending on the type of information you track, it can tell you a lot. If you started working out for health issues, like high blood pressure, tracking your blood pressure cand workout routine can show you if it’s helping. The same is true of tracking blood glucose levels.

You can identify what’s working and what’s not.

You know how much weight you lost, the number of calories you ate, or your fitness regimen. If you’re not making progress to achieve your goals, you can start by modifying one of the factors. Either eat fewer calories or change your workout. If you think your lack of progress is due to diet, start tracking every calorie you consume. You might be surprised at the unconscious eating you do. Eating small amounts like a few candies or nuts from the candy bowl can add up if you do it several times a day. Tracking your food intake helps identify those problems.

If you’re thinking of skipping your workout, tracking it makes you more accountable.

Keeping track of workouts also means keeping track of the times you miss exercise. That makes you more accountable and can help keep you motivated. If you’re getting good results, you’ll know it when you track your workouts. You’ll be able to see the change and how diet and exercise helps you reach your goal. That’s motivating. Success breeds success.

  • Tracking is more than just keeping score. When you track your workout and nutrition program, it helps even if you aren’t getting good results. You’ll be able to spot the changes you need to make easier.
  • One reason fitness trackers are so popular is because they make it easier to track your vital statistics. Some trackers log heartrate and rhythm, total calories burned, and sleep patterns.
  • Tracking your food intake can help if you’re an emotional eater. Keep a record of everything you eat and how you felt emotionally. It makes you more aware of portion size and can help to identify food causing digestive issues.
  • One reason a personal trainer gets excellent results is that he tracks the client progress to maximize results and motivate the client.

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