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October 10, 2020

The Benefits Of Walking

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

As everyone knows too well, sometimes, it’s impossible to come to Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey. For those days, finding an easy alternative is important. While working out at home is one option, an easier one could be taking a daily walk. Getting out in the fresh air and enjoying Mother Nature on a walk in a park or wooded area is best. You’ll get the peace and serenity it offers. There are, however, benefits of walking, no matter where you walk, whether it’s in the city or countryside.

Are you out of shape and want a way to ease into fitness?

There’s nothing better than walking to get you out of a sedentary lifestyle and into one of fitness. You may not be able to start off running or feel fit enough to go to the gym, no matter how we scale down your workout to your fitness level. Start a program of walking. Some studies show it’s actually better for you than running. As you get fitter, you need to add other types of workouts to address strength, flexibility and balance or even boost your cardio health.

You might be surprised at all the health benefits walking provides.

Do you want to lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension? If you already have one of those conditions, do you want to control it better? Walking can help you do that. You do need to make the pace brisk, but you don’t have to run. In fact, a brisk walk provides more benefits than a run does. Walking is good to help prevent bone density loss and aids in building muscle strength and balance. For weight loss, working out in the gym is still better, but in a pinch, walking is a good alternative if you have no other option.

Walking more every day is important for fitness but doesn’t solve all problems.

Walking won’t make your arms stronger or give you flexibility. It won’t build muscles in all areas of your body or provide all the benefits that a complete fitness program will do, but it’s a great place to begin. It builds your endurance and there’s an easy way to measure intensity, just walk further in the same amount of time. Walking is low impact and won’t hurt the joints. It works the upper and lower legs, and the hip flexors. While it won’t provide a complete workout, it’s an excellent supplement.

  • Walking in wooded or natural settings also provides more than just beautiful scenery to see. It brings a feeling of relaxation and makes your experience more than just good exercise.
  • Try to find ways to increase the amount you walk every day. Walk to places that are close. If you live near a grocery, get your own personal cart and walk to do your grocery shopping. Park further from the store when you shop.
  • If you want to lose weight or get a sculpted look, walking won’t provide those benefits. It will help you lose weight, so when you do build your abs and other muscles, they won’t be hidden by a layer of fat.
  • You need a program that offers all types of exercise, total body workouts and toning. We offer that at Prime Fitness with our group and personal training. If you want an effective and quick workout, you’ll love our kettlebell and PRIMEHIT programs.

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