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October 5, 2022

Sugar Free Snacks You’ll Love

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Most people immediately think of foods with artificial sweeteners when they hear the words sugar free snacks. Unfortunately, most artificial sweeteners may be just as hard on the body as sugar, even if they don’t contain extra calories. Snacks don’t have to be sweet, either. So, sugar or alternatives aren’t necessarily part of the picture. However, there are even some sweeter treats that are still healthy and use the natural sweetness of the food to add to the flavor.

Consider a protein carb combo that’s also a good pre and post workout snack.

Apple slices with peanut butter is one way to satisfy your desire for something sweet that will also fill you up. You can also make up hard-boiled eggs ahead of time and make a half sandwich snack with a slice of whole grain bread, avocado and the sliced hard-boiled egg. You can also make those hard-boiled eggs into a healthy egg salad that uses Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard and herbs for the dressing. Just add chopped onion or chives, chopped celery and you’re ready to put it on a slice of whole wheat toast or make a wrap with a leaf of lettuce.

If you can chop, you can make these healthy snacks.

Unless you love cooking, spending extra time in the kitchen isn’t a top priority. Luckily, these snacks don’t require a lot of extra effort. Whether you choose fresh fruit or fresh veggies, it just takes a little time for prep. You can cut melons, pineapple and other fresh fruit into bitesize pieces, or wash berries and remove the stems and keep them ready in the refrigerator for quick snacks. Preparing broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery and other vegetables ahead and keeping them fresh in refrigerator bags, with a health dip available is another sugar free option that’s quick, easy and healthy.

Make a parfait from Greek yogurt.

If you have small Mason jars, the type often used for jelly, you can make these parfaits ahead and save time when you’re hungry. Layer the parfait, first with Greek yogurt, then add berries, cherries or other chopped fruit to the mix. You can then add nuts for added protein, a half a banana for creamy sweetness and/or toasted oats or seeds. When you eat it, mash the banana and fruit as you mix it with the yogurt for a delightful pudding style sugar free treat.

  • Microwave popcorn should be on your list as a healthy snack. Make your own at home in a microwave safe container. You need ¼ cup of popcorn and a microwavable bowl and plate to fit on top of the bowl.
  • Are you hankering for something sweet that doesn’t have added sugar or artificial sweetener, make stuffed medjool dates. You can use pecans and cream cheese to stuff them and enjoy the dates sweetness and protein from the nuts.
  • Raisins and other dried fruit added to mixed nuts make a great trail mix that’s the perfect snack. Divide it into individual serving sizes and put it into small plastic bags you can grab and eat on the run.
  • Make your own ice cream without a drop of sugar. Cut a banana into slices that resemble small half inch coins and freeze. When you’re ready to eat, put them in a blender until it’s smooth and you have ice cream.

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