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January 21, 2013

Totowa NJ Kettlebell Gym | Coach Jose Ramos

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The Kettbell Swing is a complex exercise for most individuals. The reality is hinging at the hips is something I find most new members at Prime Performance struggle with.

I’m going to help perfect your swing with some simple cues I use at Prime.

Lets Start with what goes wrong with a bad kettlebell swing.

  • Knee bend before hip hinge
  • Feet not rooted into ground
  • Rounded back
  • Lifting the kettlebell with your arms
  • Glutes not squeezed at top of kettlebell swing

Check out the video below to see what a bad swing looks like

Lets take a look at what a good strong Hardstyle kettlebell swing looks like

The points of a good swing

  • hips are loaded ready to launch the kettlebell
  • hinge at hip with minimal knee bend
  • kettlebell is high between the legs
  • arms stay connected to the body
  • top of swing glutes are tense and hips fully extended “imagine pinching a coin with your butt at top of swing”

Lets get your form really dialed in for success. Check out these cues below

  • Perfect your hinge: imagine your butt is reaching towards the wall behind you
  • Keep your chest spread and big: Squeeze your shoulder blades together to spread your chest, keep a big chest through out the swing
  • To much knee bend: do not let you knees stick out in front of your feet. keep a your shins vertical
  • Propel the bell: Imagine your tossing the kettlebell towards a wall. The kettlebell swing should not elevate but float

Swing Hard and Swing Strong!