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August 25, 2023

How To Find The Right Gym Or Trainer

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Finding the right gym depends on your fitness level and experience. If you’re comfortable creating your fitness program, almost any gym with a wealth of equipment will do for some people. For people new to exercise or those that haven’t had the success they wanted, a gym that offers the services of a personal trainer may be a better choice than a box gym that uses a cookie-cutter approach. Some box gyms provide exercise programs that everyone gets. The person helping you usually has a half-hour training, most of which is about getting a person to sign up for a lifetime membership.

Find a trainer that cares about you.

Interview the trainer to see if he listens or is more interested in telling you about his virtues. If you went to a doctor and the only thing he talked about was how great he was, you’d probably walk out of the office and never return. Do that with any professional that you hire, including a personal trainer. Before any trainer designs a program, he listens. Good trainers listen to you and learn about your needs, goals, and limitations. A good trainer also identifies your fitness level before creating a personalized plan.

Do you feel comfortable in the gym or with the trainer?

If you don’t feel comfortable with the trainer or the gym, you won’t go back or focus on feeling self-conscious. You have to feel comfortable enough to ask questions or talk openly with the trainer about your concerns. Is the gym filled with bodybuilders and you’re a beginner who feels out of place or are there people of all fitness levels? You want more than beginners at the gym so you don’t have to change trainers as you get fitter.

Does the gym or trainer provide more than just personal training?

If you want more options or need to save money, group training is a good route to take. Does the trainer or gym offer personal training and small group training or semi-private training? Does the trainer offer convenient times that fit your schedule? Convenience is important. If it’s more convenient to go, you’ll be more likely to stick with the program.

  • Accountability is an important factor. Using a personal trainer increases your accountability. You’ll be more likely to go if someone is waiting. The trainer also tracks your progress and holds you accountable.
  • Does the trainer use the latest scientific techniques? Does he mix those techniques with tried and true techniques gleaned from years of experience? Knowing the trainer’s background and years of experience helps.
  • Does the trainer keep the workout fresh and change it frequently? If you’re consistently doing the same workout, it’s a recipe for plateauing. Your body becomes efficient at the workout and burns fewer calories.
  • Does the gym offer you a full tour of the facility before you sign on the line? Does the trainer provide a free workout session to judge the effectiveness? Your answer should be “yes” to both questions.

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