Home Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

We love working with our clients at Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey, but also know that sometimes coming to the gym isn’t possible. For those times, I put together a few home workouts that burn the most calories, to help for those days. While working out at home doesn’t provide the benefits of working with a personal trainer, it’s a good way to stay fit and stick with your workout schedule if you can’t come into the gym.

Make your workout HIIT—high intensity interval training.

HIIT focuses on the process rather than the actual exercise. Any exercise can become a HIIT workout. HIIT is all about varying the speed and intensity of the exercise. If running is your favorite, just adjust the speed. Run at a moderate pace for a few minutes and then kick it up to high gear, maxing your heart rate for a minute or two and back to the recovery pace for up to twice as long. Continue the top speed, recovery cycle for the rest of the run. It burns tons of calories and gets you into shape faster than any steady state run could ever do. A study in Quebec, Canada identified that HIIT running was far more effective than steady-state running for fat loss by eight times as much.

Kettlebells can burn 200 calories in ten minutes.

If you’re working out with kettlebells, remember, you need to have good instruction and proper form in order to use them safely. If you already have experience, then it’s a great workout that can keep you in shape and burn fat quickly. The off-center nature works core muscles and provides a total body workout, helping strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. 1. Start with the swing. 2. Go for the one arm swing. 3. Follow with the Turkish get up. 4. A one arm squat will challenge you. 5. The final move is a wind mill.

Circuit training will sizzle calories.

When you minimize resting time, you boost the amount of calories you burn. That’s why circuit training can be quite effective in helping you burn calories and lose weight. While almost any exercise will do, working out with weights will get a huge return. You don’t need a full set of weights, just ones that let you do only 10 to 12 with comfort. You’ll burn 30 percent more calories making the workout circuit training than you would leaving it a regular workout and get more benefits than you would with a cardio. With this workout, you need steps. 1. Warm up. 2. Do as many step ups as possible in two minutes. 3. Do 12 dumbbells curls on each side in 90 seconds. 4. Do 10 dumbbell twist lunges on each side in 90 seconds. 5. Step ups. 6. Dumbbell squats, 20 in two minutes. Rest two minutes and repeat.

Keep it simple. Run in place or around the backyard with high knee running. It burns between 240 and 300 calories per half hour.

Butt kicks are also great calorie burners. They also burn between 240 to 300 calories per half hour.

Go to the pool and enjoy a swim. It’s perfect if you have joint problems and is a low impact way to build muscle strength and burn calories.

Bicycling, jumping rope, calisthenics, hiking and dancing the night away are also great calorie burners.

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Home Workouts That Burn The Most Calories