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November 5, 2023

Easy Ways To Get Your Steps In

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

People find working out in the gym is preferable in the winter in Totowa, New Jersey. It’s warmer than walking outside. There are easy ways to get extra steps in during the smoldering hot summer and the frigid winter weather. Adding steps to your do is a good supplement to working out in the gym and can help you reach your fitness goals faster. Make getting extra steps a game and focus on doing it until it becomes a habit.

Indoor malls provide a good place to increase steps.

You don’t have to shop to get steps in at a mall. One benefit of walking in a mall, especially if you’re a beginner, is the ability to stop periodically and rest. You can walk for ten minutes, rest for ten minutes, then walk another ten, repeating until you complete your goal. Superstores and groceries also provide an opportunity to get in extra steps. When you’re working toward adding steps, don’t forget to park further from the door to add a few to the day.

Make TV and binge-watching active.

Walking more doesn’t mean you have to go from place to place. You can pace or walk in place at home. While you watch walk in place, in a pattern side-to-side or forward and backward as you watch. Don’t forget to pump your arms, even though you might be walking in place. That also burns calories and builds upper body muscles.

Find ways to take extra steps.

Do you take escalators or people movers? They are more efficient but do reduce the steps you take. Walk while you’re on these devices. People movers in airports often have one lane for walkers and the other for those who enjoy the ride without taking a step. Use the walking lane. Take the stairs instead of the elevator if you need extra steps. If your destination is many floors higher, take the stairs as far as you can and use the elevator the rest of the way. Make sure you know which floors are unlocked to allow entry before you start, or you might find yourself trapped.

  • If your grocery is within walking distance, buy a foldable shopping cart. On days when the weather permits, walk to the grocery. Having a cart allows you the freedom to buy what you need, not just what you can carry.
  • Be less efficient. Whether you’re carrying clothing, boxes, or bags from the grocery store, make several trips. You’ll build more muscles trying to carry all your groceries at one time, but you’ll get in steps if you take a few at a time.
  • You don’t have to take your steps all at once. Walk to lunch at work to get part of them. You can also increase walking by getting up and moving more frequently at the office.
  • Do you live close to your child’s school? Walk them to school instead of driving them. It may even save time by avoiding the long drop-off lines. You’ll also save gas, which is better for your budget and the environment.

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