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September 23, 2019

Does Your Workout Gear Matter?

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

I have clients in Totowa, New Jersey, that come to the gym in an array of different types of workout gear with a lot of difference in the price. While price doesn’t matter, quality and other attributes do, which often means they’re a bit more expensive, but also last longer. That doesn’t mean the designer outfit you bought to look more stylish is better than a loose shirt and gym shorts. It’s all about fabric and fit.

Your clothing should be made to wick sweat.

There’s no doubt about it, if you’re working out hard, you’re going to sweat. Having fabrics that breath and pull moisture away from your body will make your workout far more comfortable. It keeps you dry and cool throughout a grueling workout and helps you work at peak performance longer. While cotton is breathable, it also holds moisture. For those who love cotton, find those items that offer a another material that wicks the moisture away from the skin. All natural fibers not only hold moisture, they take longer to dry after a workout.

Choose workout clothes that keep you comfortable.

One reason spandex is so popular is its ability to move with you and improve how comfortable you are when working out. Shoes are often one of the most neglected items of clothing and also one of the most important. Having shoes that fit well can prevent blistering and achy feel. Undergarments, especially for women, can gouge your body, just like ill fitting shorts can irritate the thighs. Fit, not fashion should be what dictates your choice of clothing.

Don’t underestimate the power that comes from feeling like you look your best.

While you don’t have to have the latest fashion, particularly if it comes at the price of comfort, practicality and fit, you can get a benefit from looking good when you start your workout. There are studies that show how clothing affects your attitude and your attitude does make a difference when you’re working out. It can actually make you feel more athletic and do better. Not everyone has the same idea at what athletes wear. Sometimes it is a T-shirt and shorts. Wear what makes you feel good and ready for the workout of your life.

  • You need clothing that won’t interfere with your range of motion. Workout clothes that breathe, but don’t let you move with ease in every direction, aren’t good workout clothes.
  • The right workout clothing can help improve your performance and allow you to receive the most benefit from your workout.
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit right can actually be a potential for injury. If you’re lifting weights, the right type of gloves can prevent blisters, just like the right type of shoes. Having the right shoes can also cushion the blow from running, protecting you from injury.
  • At Prime Performance Fitness, everyone focuses on their own workout, rather than what others wear. That means that comfort, fit and practicality to make your workout better should be your top priority. Come in for your free consultation. You’ll get an idea of the variety of clothes people wear.

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