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February 25, 2023

Can I Workout While Pregnant?

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History shows that you can get exercise and workout when you’re pregnant. Historically, women have done very difficult physical activities right up until giving birth. That doesn’t mean it’s safe for every pregnant woman, which is why you always need to check with your health care professional first. That’s especially true if you’ve never exercised previously, had complications or have a health issue. Even if you’ve exercised with previous pregnancies, don’t take the chance. Discuss it with your professional.

It’s about the type of exercise you’re doing and whether you have specific issues.

Women who have preexisting conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or a heart condition, not only need to consult their health care professional, they should consult a trainer to create a special program based on their needs. The type of exercise to be done makes a huge difference. High impact exercises and ones that involve bodily contact or a potential for falling should be avoided. Skiing, kickboxing, martial arts and football fall into that category.

If you’ve been working out regularly before, exercise can help make delivery easier.

For other types of exercise, if you’ve been active in it before pregnancy, in most cases you can continue to do it. Exercises that stress the abdomen, like leg lifts or deep knee bends. Not only can it prevent excess weight gain, it can help prevent gestational high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. The more you worked out before the pregnancy, the higher your activity ceiling is. For extremely fit athletic women, doing their normal workout routine, including high intensity aerobic training, showed no adverse effects. For sedentary individuals, there is research that indicates some high intensity cardio is acceptable with no negative side effects to mother or child. Always talk to your health care professional first.

You’ll get huge benefits from exercising before, during and after pregnancy.

If you’re considering having a baby, start an exercise program. Both you and the baby will benefit. It’s never too late to start, but you have to take it slow once you’re pregnant. Exercise can make delivery easier and improve your mood both during pregnancy and afterward. It can improve your immunity, while reducing morning sickness, improving sleep, preventing gestational diabetes and keeping both the baby and you healthier.

  • Even if you’ve been an avid bicyclist, the further along you are, the less safe it becomes, since your center of gravity changes. As you get larger, take your cycling indoors to a stationary bike.
  • Your age also makes a difference, just like your fitness level. If you’re under 30, you can work out at a higher intensity. It’s the same thing for non-pregnant counterparts.
  • No matter how fit you are, there are some types of exercises you should avoid, like those where you twist at the waist or cause a bouncing high impact motion. If you’re doing stretches, breathe naturally and avoid holding your breath that can cause pressure.
  • Some exercises are particularly good to prepare you for delivery and after the baby is born. Using light weights to condition your arms prepare you to hold the baby. Kegels, cardio and pelvic tilts prepare you for delivery.

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