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December 15, 2023

Best Stretches For Recovery And Flexibility

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We incorporate stretches into all workouts at Prime Fitness in Totowa, NJ. Stretching plays a vital role in recovery and improves flexibility to prevent injury. Even if you’re already strong, if you have a limited range of motion and aren’t flexible, you won’t be as strong as you could be. Flexibility, recovery, and stretching go hand-in-hand. Stretching is one method of active recovery. The more you stretch, the more flexible you are, and the quicker your body will recover after a tough workout.

Do stretches on recovery days or after every workout.

You can do side stretches in a standing or sitting position. Stretch your arms out, lean to the side, and touch the sides of your legs as you stretch when standing. Cross your arms behind your head and bend side to side when sitting. Combine that stretch with the yoga child pose. Get on your hands and knees, palms flat on the floor. Rock your body back and down so you stretch your arms in front of you and your chest touching your thighs. Finish the stretching with a standing lunge.

You’ll do your back a favor and get relief from a cat-cow yoga stretch.

Get on your hands and knees for two simple poses that are excellent stretches for the back. Doing them in combination with other back stretches can bring relief. Start by doing the cat position. Arch your back like an angry cat, holding your head downward. Hold the pose for a few seconds then lower your back, dropping your belly to create a downward dip as you lift your head and look at the ceiling. You’re now in a cow pose.

Do hamstring stretches several ways.

The simplest hamstring stretch starts standing with your feet together, bending over with arms outstretched. You’re not trying to touch your toes, just stretch as far as you comfortably can. Lay or sit on the floor for another hamstring stretch, Have a towel rolled with an end in each hand. Lift one leg and loop the towel around the foot then straighten your leg. You’ll use the towel to pull your leg higher as the other is flat on the floor. You can feel the pull.

  • Do an outer hip stretch. Lay on the floor with your arms outstretched, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Lay your legs to one side as you lift the arm on that side and twist your upper body in the other direction.
  • You can also do a hamstring stretch laying on your back, with one leg lifted and the other flat. Hold the thigh as you straighten and bend the knee of the lifted leg.
  • Another back exercise is a spine rotation. Get on your hands and knees. Lift one arm and raise it over your head and as far to the other side as possible. Lower your arm and do the other arm.
  • Do a cobra pose. Start on your shins with your butt resting on your calves and your arms outstretched in front. Lift the upper body forward, keeping your arms straight until your head passes your hands. Lift your head toward the ceiling as you arch your back.

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