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December 23, 2020

Best Barbell Workout

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It’s not easy to identify the best barbell workout for everyone. That’s because each person has his or her own goals, is at a different level of fitness and has differences in strength of certain groups of muscles. If your goal is to build muscle strength, rather than building muscle tissue, you’ll do a different set of exercises. For those that want to shed weight, the workout will also vary. While some of the moves will be in all workouts, some are specific for certain problem areas or goals.

Burn fat as you build muscle tissue.

You can boost your metabolism by building muscle tissue and take off those pesky pounds by burning calories with this group of exercises. Always warm up before you start to avoid injury. Combine five exercises to create a circuit, then do the circuit as many times as possible in a 30 to 45 minute period. Always rest between circuits and always give yourself at least a day of rest between these workouts. Combinations that will burn fat include a barbell deadlift, a military press, an upright row, a frontal squat holding the barbell and finally, using the barbell as a prop to jump at the end of a burpee.

You normally think of barbell lifts as strength builders and you’d be right.

Most people use weights to build strength or muscle, and this combination will build plenty of strength. It all depends on how you workout when you use these. Do you separate your workout to upper body/lower body or do you emphasize the five basic body moves, push, pull, hip-hinge, squat or plank? If you’re working upper body/lower body, use barbell back squat or lunge with a deadlift or power clean for the whole body. You can combine the bench press or overhead press for an upper body and again, use a deadlift or power clean for the whole body.

Recreating the movements of your body to build strength.

You can build muscles and bulk up with barbells. You have to make several adjustments, like lifting at approximately 70% of your one repetition maximum or pushing yourself toward failure. Your workout should include five to eight different exercises targeting specific muscle groups and best if they’re compound workouts. Our personal trainers can create a workout designed specifically for you to build the muscle.

  • When working on building muscle tissue, make sure you rest longer between sessions than you otherwise would. That helps you avoid over-training that can negatively affect building muscle.
  • A bench press is a great exercise to improve the push muscle groups. You can also use a push press to work your muscles that way. Barbell squats improve the muscles used for squatting.
  • Pulling actions should be also emphasized in your workout. The barbell bent over row can provide that type of workout, so does a bench-supported row. A deadlift is a great move for the hip-hinge.
  • No matter what your need or goal, our trainers can design a program using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and/or bodyweight workouts. Book a free consultation today.

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