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March 5, 2023

Best Ab Exercises For Back Pain

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People come to Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey, for many reasons. Most of them are related to health in one manner or another. Being overweight can become a health issue. Poor muscle tone and posture are also health issues and both can cause back pain. Back pain that isn’t a result of an injury from a fall or other accident often occurs because of weak core muscles, which include the abs. To get relief from back pain, you need to build core muscles, particularly the abs. There are ab exercises that can bring almost instant relief from pain and prevent problems in the future.

The core muscles and why weak ones can cause pain.

Your core muscles are those muscles in the midsection of the body, the front abdominal muscles, muscles along both sides, deeper muscles that wrap around the front, and your back muscles. When those muscles are weak, the work has to be done by other structures in the back, like the spine or ligaments, to remain erect and balanced Those structures weren’t meant to work that way and doing so can cause pain. Strengthening abs and other core muscles can prevent that and either ease the pain or prevent it. Exercises, including stretches, stimulate circulation and helps relax the back, bringing relief.

Doing a plank is harder than you think, but very effective.

Planks can be done several ways. The most common plank looks like you’re beginning a push-up, but you just hold the position, rather than drop and raise your body. Your legs are straight and feet directly behind you, with hands under your shoulders and neck held straight. Modified forms include lowering your body by doing a forearm plank, where your elbow is bent and your weight rests on the forearm. You can do a plank on your knees. It’s good for beginners. The side plank is done with the body turned to the side. You can do it either with one arm bent and your forearm resting on the floor or keep the arm straight. Form a straight angle from the head to the feet.

Doing mountain climbers can tighten the abs and bring back relief.

Many of the ab strengthening/back pain-relieving exercises start in a pushup position. The mountain climber is one of those. Get in pushup position, but with the hands slightly rotated outward. Once in position, tighten your abs as much as you can and while maintaining that position without moving your lower back, lift one foot off the floor, raising your knee to your chest. Touch the floor with that foot’s toe, then jump the foot back to the starting position as you bring the other foot forward, alternating the feet. Continue for 30 to 45 seconds.

  • Some simple exercises that don’t require much movement can help the back. Tightening your abs and stretching your body upward, making yourself feel taller is one.
  • Do the vacuum or variation. Stand straight, inhale deeply, then as you exhale deeply, pull in your stomach and hold. Relax and repeat. The variation is blowing out air as you bend, resting your hands on your thighs, then pulling in the stomach, holding as you stand. Relax then repeat.
  • The cat/cow yoga pose works the core muscles, including the abs. On all fours, move to the cat position with head down and back arched. Hold and drop your back down, belly drooping and head up.
  • There are many exercises to help relieve back pain. Just walking can increase circulation and improve it. Before you start any type of exercise program, if you have serious, lingering back pain, consult your health care professional.

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