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June 15, 2023

Benefits Of Herbal Supplements

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness, Nutrition

Herbs have many benefits that go beyond seasoning your favorite dish. They have been used for centuries as cures for many diseases and to promote good health. Is it all folklore? Are there really health benefits? Should you take herbal supplements to improve your overall nutrition? Are they dangerous? There are so many different forms of supplements and types of herbal supplements that the answer isn’t simple. You can purchase herbal supplements such as pills, brew tea, use powders or tinctures, apply them to the skin in lotions, or add them to your bath water. Some are safe, and some are not.

Just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

The words “natural remedy” make you feel more secure and safe using a product, but that’s not necessarily true. Some have many of the same ingredients as modern medicine and can cause side effects. Feverfew, garlic, ginseng, goldenseal, ginger, and ginkgo can cause problems with blood clotting and have other serious side effects. Many herbal supplements interact with medications. Some can create heart arrhythmia. If you’re considering taking a supplement as medication, treat it like a medication.

There are benefits but beware of the common mistakes.

Supplements may interact with medications and other supplements. Combining them with other supplements or prescription drugs is dangerous. You should never use supplements to replace prescribed medications. It’s also a dangerous mistake to take too much of a supplement. Supplements aren’t meant to replace a healthy diet, and why they’re called supplements, not supper. Remember, everyone is different and reacts differently to both medications and supplements. Ginger tea is often used to help digestive issues. Studies note it does help treat heartburn and digestive issues in most people. However, in some people, it exacerbated the problem.

Include the herb in your diet instead of taking a supplement.

If the herb is culinary and medicinal, just include it more in your diet. The potential of overdosing is limited and you’ll get many of the benefits. Instead of taking green tea capsules, drink green tea. Don’t add sugar or sweeteners. You’ll be surprised how delicious it tastes once you adjust your palate. You can grow many herbs for tea or flavoring food. Lemon balm is easy to grow and produces a delicious lemony smell. Crush some leaves in your green tea for even more stress relief.

  • Aloe supplements for burns are relatively safe, but some people take the juice internally to relieve constipation. It can cause potassium levels to drop, which can be dangerous if you’re on diuretics.
  • Always assume supplements have side effects before you take them. Do your research. Check with your healthcare professional to ensure it doesn’t interact with your medications.
  • Grow supplements and use them. You can add basil to salads, soups, main dishes, and even to flavor vinegar. Basil can help reduce stress, improve fasting blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and so much more. It’s even a natural insect repellent.
  • People selling supplements are no different than those selling pharmaceuticals. Read labels carefully, but also look for third-party studies. Ephedra, an herbal supplement for weight loss, was popular until it was banned because of life-threatening side effects.

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