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September 6, 2023

Beginner Yoga—Everything You Need To Know

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

Getting exercise doesn’t mean only going to the gym. In Totowa, NJ, many people live an active lifestyle and supplement their gym time with advocations that build strength, flexibility, or endurance. The activity can be dancing, swimming, or anything that requires energy and helps make you fitter. Yoga is one of those activities that can help keep you fit. It helps reduce stress, increases flexibility, and boosts strength. A beginner needs some basic information before they start.

There are many types of yoga.

Each type of yoga requires different skills and fitness levels. They each meet different needs. Even within the same category of yoga, each teacher has a variation. If you want to find the best class for your situation, experience several varieties. The most common type is Hatha yoga. There are many styles of Hatha, so you don’t always know the difficulty level. Vinyasa yoga is the most athletic style and most often used for fitness. It’s a modification of Ashtanga yoga, practiced during the 1980s. Iyengar, kundalini, ashtanga, Bikram, yin, restorative, prenatal, anusvara, and Jivamukti are other styles. Some are very modern, while others are ancient.

Not all yoga poses are safe for everyone.

As with any type of fitness, some yoga poses put extra stress on areas that shouldn’t be stressed. As with other exercise forms, the yoga pose can be modified or you can select a different type of yoga. Bikram yoga, often called hot yoga, takes place in a heated room. Studies found that it can raise internal temperatures to 104 degrees. If your body isn’t prepared, it can cause heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses. Always research the type of yoga and ask your doctor before starting any yoga class.

Yoga doesn’t necessarily involve religious philosophy.

Some forms of yoga are linked to religious beliefs, but researching the class before taking it can help avoid that if you don’t want it. Some yoga classes are linked to the Christian religion. You’ll know which ones immediately since it’s called Christian yoga. Most classes focus on form and movement. They also focus on quieting the mind, breathing exercises, and meditation for relaxation.

  • There are yoga classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. Not all involve sitting on the floor. There is wheelchair yoga and yoga for the bedridden.
  • If you can’t do all the poses in your first class, do what you can. It takes time to improve flexibility. Yoga isn’t meant for just flexible people. It does help improve flexibility but also can build body and core strength.
  • Identify why you want to take yoga classes before you search for a class. Do you want a relaxation technique or one that builds flexibility? Is your goal to add to your strength? Once you decide, find a class matching your goal.
  • Practicing yoga provides health benefits, just like all types of exercise. It’s an excellent supplement to any fitness program. Our personal trainers will work with you to ensure your program is balanced.

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