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October 15, 2023

Are Personal Trainers Worth It?

Posted In: Fitness & Wellness

People often start to use a personal trainer if they’re just starting their exercise program and aren’t sure where to begin or have tried on their own several times and failed. People who are more experienced, including personal trainers, often use the services of other personal trainers. I firmly believe that personal trainers provide valuable services, or I wouldn’t have chosen it as a career. We help people go from hopeless to happy and from frail to fit. There’s nothing better than being part of that experience.

People progress faster when they use a personal trainer.

Before a trainer develops any program for a client, he or she listens to the client’s goals and special needs, like physical limitations. He also assesses their strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility fitness. Trainers can identify a muscle imbalance and create a program designed to get the fastest results. The programs will push you but remain within your capabilities. Trainers continually learn about the latest scientific discoveries and keep abreast of any changes. They spend long hours studying to help you benefit from their knowledge.

Many people have special needs.

Physical limitations are examples of special needs. If you have knee injuries or pain, a trainer can modify an exercise to prevent exacerbating the issue. You should always check with your healthcare professional first before starting any exercise program. If you get the green light, make sure you share your information with the trainer. Sometimes, special needs aren’t about heart issues, high blood pressure, or back or knee injuries. They’re about your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re frequently traveling for your job, a trainer can provide a workout you can do in a hotel room.

Trainers hold you accountable.

If you have an appointment with a trainer, you’ll be more apt to keep it than if you worked out alone. Trainers watch as you workout and know when you’re not putting in your best effort. They push you to do that last set, even though you want to quit. Trainers track your progress and change your program to match improved fitness levels. They also modify it if it isn’t getting the desired results.

  • Trainers constantly change your workout to keep it interesting. Changing your workout helps prevent weight plateauing. If the body does the same exercise repeatedly, it becomes efficient and burns fewer calories.
  • If you’re new to fitness and aren’t sure where to start, trainers not only create the program for you. Using the right combination of exercises can help you reach your goal faster. Experiencing success is a powerful motivator that can help keep you motivated.
  • Good form is vital to successful results. Trainers show you how to do each exercise correctly. Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury and minimize the benefits.
  • At Prime Fitness, we provide both traditional training and kettlebell training. Adding kettlebells to your workout can help torch calories, while also putting the fun in functional fitness.

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