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February 20, 2020

Are All Processed Foods Bad For You?

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Today, the importance of healthy diet to your overall fitness and good health is well known. The American diet is known to contain a high amount of processed foods, foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. That doesn’t describe all processed food. Some food needs to be processed to be edible. You wouldn’t eat soy beans in their natural state, but you probably would eat tofu and it would be healthy for you. To find out whether the processed food is healthy or not, you need to look at the ingredients on the label.

The fewer the ingredients, the healthier it is.

Frozen vegetables with no additional ingredients are actually as healthy as fresh ones. They’re frozen immediately and don’t have time to lose nutrients. Canned salmon or light tuna in water are healthy, too. If you want an easy snack that’s healthy, choose natural peanut butter where the only ingredients are peanuts and put it on apple slices. Fresh yogurt that’s organic and natural is a good option.

Canned vegetables might be a good option, too.

Read the label on the cans. Often they contain only the vegetable and some salt. However, that salt content may be high or if you’re on a restricted sodium intake, drain the liquid and rinse them first or choose low-sodium options. Rinsing them reduces the sodium by almost half. Canned tomatoes, spinach, green beans, kidney beans, lentils, pumpkin and artichokes are also good options. If you want to save money on fruit, opting for canned fruit could be perfect, but make sure you choose options in their own juice without added sugar.

What processed foods aren’t healthy?

Just reading the label should give you a clue whether the food is healthy or not. If sugar is high on the list of ingredients or it has ingredients that look like they belong in a chemistry lab, it’s not for you. Who doesn’t love luncheon meat or a pepperoni pizza? Your body doesn’t love it! White bread or food made with white flour doesn’t have the nutrients that bread made with whole grains. Opt for the most nutritious. You want nutrients not just empty calories.

  • Most snack foods are processed foods you don’t want to eat. They’re created to be addictive and make you want to eat more. It’s all about the ingredients it contains. No matter how much you want it to be, a potato chip isn’t a vegetable, but processed food.
  • Processed food that’s filled with chemicals to extend its shelf life isn’t healthy. They might extend the shelf life, but not your life.
  • Buying canned and frozen vegetables can save money and help you stay healthier. You’ll also save money by choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season or buying in bulk and freezing or canning the extra.
  • You’ll also save money by planning meals and shopping when you’re full. Eating healthy is an important part of fitness and will help you lose weight even quicker.

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