We Are an Anti-Gym that Focuses on Personalized Fitness Training in Fairfield NJ

If you want personalized fitness training in Fairfield, you have to start going to the anti-gym. Most gyms provide all the equipment, but none of the individual attention that is required to get maximum results. Everyone’s left to do their own “thing,” which often isn’t getting them results or even could cause injury if they’re working hard, but not performing the exercise correctly. That’s not an option for us.

Gyms don’t keep up with the latest studies in exercise.

Many gyms have high priced machines that are supposed to do the work of fitness for you. Because these machines are expensive, even if a study showed they didn’t provide the most effective workout, they’d stay in the gym until they’ve been depreciated away or at least paid for the investment they cost. Not all workout programs need big, expensive pieces of equipment, nor are these expensive pieces always the best method of getting fit. In fact, much of the time, knowledge in the area of fitness is the biggest asset that can help get anyone in shape.

Kettlebells don’t cost a fortune, but they do offer huge benefits.

Personalized fitness training in Fairfield may include kettlebells if you go to an anti-gym. Most large gyms don’t have them available or if they do, they don’t provide instruction. Using kettlebells properly is the key to using them safely and effectively. While kettlebells don’t cost a fortune, studies show they’re one of the most effective methods of exercise if you use them correctly.

Making lifestyle changes can help you become fitter and lose weight.

Our anti-gym attitude focuses more on lifestyle changes rather than working out for a few hours a week. When you change your eating habits and add regular exercise to the mix it blasts fat away and also deters many serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When you attend an anti-gym that focuses on personalized fitness training in Fairfield, you’ll get a program designed especially for your needs that can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Some exercises provide more benefits than others. Kettlebells, for example, burns huge amounts of calories and gives a total body workout.

Getting fit takes dedication and sometimes requires a bit of motivation from an outside force or individual. Big gyms don’t offer personalized service or encouragement.

Teamwork and group enthusiasm can make working out more fun. We encourage small group workouts to heighten the level of dedication, while also keeping it personalized and exciting.

No big gym could ever guarantee results. Only an anti-gym would offer a money back guarantee.

See Fast Results with Wayne NJ Kettlebell Training

You don’t have to be an athlete to work out with kettlebells, although it is one of the top methods of workouts used by many Olympic teams. Kettlebells aren’t like using weights. The center of gravity is different, so they make your body work harder to maintain balance. It more closely resembles real life lifting, so it can give you functional fitness, besides helping you lose weight, build muscle strength and endurance. Wayne kettlebell training provides overall fitness.

You’ll be working your core muscles while you’re doing cardio.

While most workouts isolate the cardio training from the flexibility, balance and strength training, kettlebell training includes all four at once. The sweeping moves of the swings increases your range of motion, while every movement works the core muscles and can get you breathing as hard as any cardio workout. Of course, the weight of the kettlebells combined with the different moves builds strength.

Use a personal trainer who has the background and education to help you with this type of training.

Not everyone is an expert in kettlebell training. It’s not like every other type of exercise, but requires special instruction to do it properly and avoid injury. Learning basic moves from a certified kettlebell trainer first is one of the most important steps you can take. Whether you have individualized training or group sessions, such as at a boot camp, you’ll insure success.

You’ll be able to work out anywhere when you use kettlebells.

You don’t need a lot of room or a lot of bulky equipment when you work out with kettlebells. It only takes a small area to do the exercises. Even if you have a convenience apartment you can work out and store your kettlebells with no problem. You can transport them easily, since they’re small, so a hotel room can turn into a gym. Since the workout time is cut significantly, you’ll never have to get up hours earlier to include a workout in your travel either.

Wayne kettlebell training can help you build muscle tone, without bulking up if you don’t want to do that, making them good for both men and women.
Kettlebell workouts not only give an overall body workout, they also burn calories faster than most exercises, helping you to lose weight in a shorter amount of time.
Kettlebells provide a total body workout. You can work out core muscles, biceps, glutes and your cardiovascular system all at once.
You’ll build functional fitness. Everyday activities will be easier and you’ll be far less prone to injury.

Scientifically Proven Results Show that Exercising in Clifton NJ Not Only Helps You Lose Weight; It Makes You Smarter

If you started working out to lose weight, you can add even more to the long list of benefits from exercise. New studies show that exercise makes you smarter, as well as provides many other benefits. Working out in Clifton, Wayne or any other town for that matter, creates a brain that resists shrinkage, which can occur as you age. In another study with mice, they showed the mice that had an exercise wheel and used it, had more cognitive development than those with an enriched, but inactive environment, mice with superfoods or mice with no extra toys or food.

Exercise helps you sleep better.

A good night’s rest can be super beneficial to your ability to focus and think. During deep sleep, the brain works on the problems of the day and the body heals itself. Insomniacs find that exercising early in the day can help them sleep better at night.

Exercise is a great stress buster.

When stress occurs, the body goes into fight or flight mode. That causes physical changes to prepare you for battle or a fast escape. These changes also can create fuzzy thinking, as well as many other physical problems if allowed to continue. Stress can be anything from a crying baby to a traffic jam on the way back to Clifton. While the fight or flight syndrome was excellent when predators hunted us and still is when we have to do anything that requires us to physically defend ourselves, it’s not of any benefit in a traffic jam. When you exercise, you’re mimicking flight or fighting and that activity burns off the hormones such as cortisol, which is also linked to abdominal fat. Exercise makes you smarter by clearing your thinking, but it can also help you lose weight, too.

Exercise helps you lose weight.

Losing weight is a very simple concept. You eat fewer calories than you burn. Actually doing it can be quite difficult, unless you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise. Exercise burns the calories, while a healthy diet lowers the number available. Exercise also has many other benefits from preventing serious diseases to improving self-image.

A program of regular exercise lengthens the telomeres. These protect the chromosomes and prevent cell damage and death. Cell death causes serious conditions, including aging. You’ll slow aging with exercise.

Exercise raises your spirits. Besides burning off stress hormones, it stimulates the body to create endorphins, dopamine and other hormones that make you feel good.

Exercise builds your energy level. The more you exercise, the more energy you have.

Regular exercise builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so it raises your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Have Fun While You Get into Shape at a Lincoln NJ Park Boot Camp

If you want to workout and still have fun, a Lincoln Park boot camp can be the perfect experience. You can attend a boot camp on your own and meet many like-minded fellow enthusiasts or sign up with a group of friends or other family members and make it an fun get-together that has real benefits for your health. Sometimes work friends sign up together to exercise before or after work. In fact, some work health plans or the company may even pay for the camp since it makes you healthier, lowering insurance premiums and also more productive.

Exercising at a Lincoln Park boot camp gives you all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll get a personalized program at the boot camp. Before the trainer does anything else, he or she assesses your level of fitness, learns your goals and finds out if you have any special needs. Then he or she creates your program. Boot camps offer almost all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but since everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time, it’s far less per capita.

There’s plenty of friendly competition at a boot camp.

Not everyone will be at the same fitness level, but that doesn’t preclude competition. Each person will be working at his or her maximum potential to achieve goals that are within his or her reach, but still very challenging. Seeing who achieves goal fastest is a driving force no matter what level of fitness. It will be just as hard for a super fit person to achieve his or her goals as it will be for the novice who may be out of shape. Even though working out is tough, there’s plenty of laughter and joking at a boot camp too.

You’ll never be bored at a boot camp.

Personal trainers constantly change the program they offer. You’ll learn new exercises continuously. You’ll also learn how to do each one correctly and even have the trainer watch to insure you do them right. Since boot camps use little or no equipment, you’ll have plenty of exercises you can do anywhere, whether it’s at home, in the gym or in the local park.

You’ll make plenty of new friends at a boot camp. People tend to bond at boot camps because everyone is struggling, making achieving their goals a common challenge.

You’ll feel invigorated and happy when you leave. Working out burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

You’ll see faster results from a boot camp. The exercise is guided to give you the maximum results and you’ll work harder than you would on your own. Seeing results makes boot camp even more fun.

You’ll look and feel healthier. Exercise gives you a glow, but it also can help prevent serious conditions, such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes, to name a few. If you already have these conditions, it can help you control them.

Finally Get Long Lasting Results From a Personal Trainer in Verona NJ

A personal trainer in Verona can cost a lot of money and still not give you the results you’ve hoped to achieve. If you’ve had that experience, you probably worked with the wrong personal trainer. Not all trainers use the same approach and not all trainers get the same results. Even though most trainers will give you results far superior to those you’d have if you worked out alone, finding a trainer that helps you make lifestyle changes is the key to getting long lasting results.

Everyone has different needs.

An effective personal trainer first listens to your needs, taking your health history and training history in the process. He or she also listens to your goals and assesses your present level of fitness, including strength or functional fitness and range of motion. Getting started at the right level is one of the most important parts of the process. It sets the stage for failure or success. With the information the trainer gathers he or she can create the perfect workout plan that will be tough, but still within your capabilities.

Physical limitations don’t have to prevent you from getting fitter.

You may have back problems from an old injury, arthritis or even high blood pressure that you disclosed in your initial interview. That won’t stop the personal trainer from creating a program that takes these factors into consideration. The trainer may alter the position of the exercise to accommodate you or start out slowly to build muscle groups or range of motion necessary for you to comfortably workout in the future. Physical limitations are a challenge, not a roadblock.

You’ll learn how to make lifestyle changes that can help you take off weight and keep it from returning.

Lifestyle changes can include many different things. It may mean working out on a regular basis or exercising regularly. It can also mean getting adequate, sound sleep, which exercising can help bring. Unlike a diet that always ends, either in a feeding frenzy or success, then you go back to old eating habits and regain the weight, changing the foods you eat on a regular basis helps take pounds off permanently. Regular exercise also keeps them off, too. You’ll learn how to make smarter food choices with the right personal trainer.

Not all exercises area equally effective. Kettlebells, for instance, burn far more calories per minute than many other types of exercise and give a total body workout.

Your lifestyle is also important to trainers. If you’re on the road frequently, you need a different type of program than a stay-at-home mom or dad.

A personal trainer in Verona that doesn’t offer a money back guarantee for satisfaction when you truly commit to the program, may not believe in his or her abilities as a coach. Always go for the guarantee when possible.

Find a personal trainer who cares enough to push you, but also motivates you, while making the workout fun and challenging.

Personal Training in Wayne, NJ Can Help You Commit and See Results

If you’ve failed to commit and see results from your workout program before, consider using a personal trainer. Personal training can give you the extra motivation that it takes to go from flabby to fabulous. Personal trainers do more than motivate you, even though that’s a huge benefit, they also create a program designed specifically for your level of fitness, goals and needs. You never have to worry about it being too difficult or too easy. The program will challenge you, but still be within your capabilities.

Personal trainers first identify your level of fitness, including any weaker muscle groups.

A trainer also listens to your goals and finds out if you have any special needs. The special needs may include health issues, such as back problems or may be lifestyle needs. An example of this might be frequent overnight travel taking you from Wayne, NJ that makes working out difficult. Only then does the trainer design a program. He or she will show you how to do each exercise and watch to insure you use the proper form. Doing an exercise improperly can minimize the benefits of the exercise or may even cause an injury.

You’ll groan sweat and maybe even swear when you try to achieve the goals set by the trainer, but you’ll see plenty of progress.

Don’t expect to have a program you can easily achieve when you use personal training; you could do that on your own. It will be tough and work you to your maximum potential. You’ll have the toughest workout you’ll love to hate. While you’re doing each exercise, you’ll hate the trainer and working out, but you’ll keep on going. Once you achieve your goals, you’ll feel exhilarated knowing you’ve accomplished them, but more than that, you’ll see great results that will make you want to work out even more.

Personal trainers help you work both harder and smarter.

Not all exercises are alike. Burst training, 30 to 60 seconds of maximum effort with 120 to 180 seconds of recovery, can give you the same benefits as traditional endurance training but in a far shorter period. Kettlebells work out your entire body and burn more calories than most other forms of exercise, which means you either cut your workout time or get more benefit from the time your at the gym.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy the many hiking trails of Wayne, NJ, the ocean or get ready for a trip to the Big Apple, you’ll have the energy to enjoy it more once you get into shape. You’ll achieve that faster with the help of a personal trainer.
Working out can help lower your risk for many serious conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
The more you work out, the younger you’ll look and feel. Exercise helps build your energy level so you are more active and become even fitter.
Many personal trainers can also help you learn how to eat healthier, which can help you lose weight, as well as attain fitness goals faster.

Losing Weight Requires Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, become fitter or gain muscles, healthy lifestyle changes are the keys to accomplishing your goals. Healthy lifestyle changes can include adding regular exercise to your weekly schedule, changing your eating habits or both. While you might think that changing your eating habits means dieting, nothing can be further from the truth. Diets don’t work. Sure, you may lose a few pounds at first, but eventually the diet ends. Then you go back to normal eating habits and regain all the weight you lost…sometimes even more.

Learning to eat healthier makes a difference.

Eating healthy isn’t just another form of dieting; it’s a way of life. Eating healthier is all about making smarter choices when you eat. It may be something as simple as eating an open-faced sandwich instead of one with two slices of bread or eating smaller meals more frequently. It may involve learning to cook healthier, such as steaming or broiling foods instead of frying them or making substitutions in recipes, such as using unsweetened applesauce to replace some of the oil and sugar when baking. A nutritionist or personal trainer certified in nutrition can show you ways to make those changes and never have to diet again.

Adding exercise to your schedule regularly keeps you healthier and fitter.

The more you exercise, particularly if you’re doing the right exercises the right way, the more endurance and strength you’ll build. You’ll also build flexibility, which helps prevent injury. Regular exercise also boosts your immune system to help prevent disease and protect the cells. It increases the lengths of the telomeres, which protect your chromosomes and keep cells dividing. Cell death or damage causes disease and aging. You’ll improve every part of your body from your respiratory system to your brain. In fact, some studies show that exercise might be beneficial for slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and most studies show it helps keep mental functioning stronger.

You’ll lose weight faster and keep pounds from returning with regular exercise.

Losing weight requires you to eat fewer calories than you burn. While a healthy diet is one lifestyle change you can make to lose weight, adding exercise to the mix supercharges your weight loss. Exercise not only burns additional calories while you’re doing it, it also builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does, so it boosts your metabolism.

Making healthy lifestyle changes can help prevent serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. If you already have these conditions, it can make them easier to manage and control.
You’ll sleep better at night when you make healthy lifestyle changes. In fact, adequate sleep each night is also a healthy lifestyle change. Your body heals itself as you sleep and your mind rests to take on the challenges of the next day.
You’ll burn off stress with regular exercise. Regular exercise is necessary to burn off the hormones created by stress. If allowed to remain, they can make changes in your body that can affect your health.
You’ll build confidence and feel more like being social and doing fun things when you make lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet and regular exercise. Enjoying life and having fun keeps you more youthful and healthy.

A Team Atmosphere Matters When It Comes to Fitness

If you’ve struggled alone with weight loss or simply achieving fitness in the past, why not try a team approach. A team atmosphere matters when it comes to achieving fitness. It not only provides emotional support, it also can improve your level of determination. You might consider using a personal trainer as a member of your team; you’ll see even more results because of the individual attention. The personal trainer designs a plan specifically for each person. The plans work that individual to his or her maximum potential but are still within that person’s capabilities.

You can organize your own fitness group.

Family and friends can also share similar goals and be helpful to each other when weight loss or fitness is the goal. However, knowing where to start is often a huge deterrent when it comes to fitness groups. Sometimes, using the help of an expert can make the difference. In order to learn the right way to do each exercise, nothing is better than securing the help of a personal trainer. If weight loss and a healthy diet are important, a nutritionist or a personal trainer certified in nutrition can help. Joining a gym devoted to individual attention or working with a personal trainer can provide the expertise necessary for everyone to attain his or her fitness goal.

A team approach makes fitness fun.

If you have a team approach to fitness, you’ll never be bored. Having an expert on your team gives you plenty of opportunity for a varied workout. When you work out at a gym, without the aid of expert advice, you often go from one piece of equipment to another or continue doing the same exercises repeatedly. That can be extremely boring. Learning new ways of exercising from an expert, such as a personal trainer, and having a varied routine makes it more fun.

Plans change easily when you workout alone.

While you might be very disciplined in other areas, that doesn’t mean you are when it comes to working out. In fact, if you’re reading this, it may be because your plans have failed in the past. When you go to an ordinary gym, you’re often just another name on the roster. Nobody cares if you show up or if you work your hardest while you’re there. Using a team of experts when working out can make the difference. You get sound advice and help learning new techniques that you’d never attempt on your own.

When you approach fitness with a team mindset, you normally work harder so you don’t disappoint others.
Using a team approach to fitness can provide important information that makes a huge difference in your success or failure. You’ll learn how to execute each exercise properly. Doing an exercise improperly can cause injury or minimize the benefits.
A team approach brings more knowledge to the table and knowledge is power when it comes to fitness. Learning healthy eating habits and ways of exercising that provide maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time can make a huge difference in the success or failure of your fitness program.
You’ll be amazed at how much you’re capable of doing. Using a fitness team can drive you further to see results faster.

The Benefits of Kettlebells

If you go to the Olympian museum in Greece, you’ll see a stone kettlebell that athletes used to demonstrate strength. The Russian peasants, with a heritage of influence from the Greeks, used kettlebells, not only to measure the weight of grain at market, but also as a non-organized sport to measure the strength of competitors, with the 16kg weight being the most common. The benefits of kettlebells were eventually discovered and it became part of the training for Russian athletes, the military and circus strongmen in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Then their popularity faded, only to make a resurgence in Russia in the mid-1900s, when the use of kettlebells became a sport. By the 1980s, kettlebell training was mandatory in Russia and became popular for training in the western world late by the turn of the century.

Kettlebells burn calories fast.

One study using kettlebell training showed that participants burned an average of 20 calories per minute. That’s far more than most other types of exercises and far more than traditional weight lifting. Of course, to maximize the calories to approximately 600 for a half hour, you have to make the workout more intense. In order to do this, a personal trainer versed in the use of kettlebells can be beneficial, not only for maximizing the workout benefits, but also to help you avoid injury.

Get a complete workout with kettlebells.

Kettlebells have uneven weight distribution so you’re constantly working your stabilizer core muscles. You’re also getting a substantial aerobic workout with kettlebells, as well as improving strength. Kettlebells are more difficult to control than dumbbells because the weight is in front of the forearm, making your muscles work harder. The muscle groups also have to work together, giving you exercises that help improve coordination.

Kettlebell training requires less time than regular weight lifting.

Not only is the shape of the kettlebell different from those of regular weights, being a bit lopsided, but the way you work out is also different, being far more fast paced. The overall body conditioning and both aerobic and anaerobic workouts make it the perfect workout for busy people, accomplishing as much in 30 minutes as you might with 60 minutes of other types of workouts. The workouts improve not only different muscle groups but also different energy systems at the same time.

You’ll see improved range of motion with kettlebell training. Kettlebells increase range of motion, which helps prevent injury.
Kettlebell workouts build both strength and
Full-body conditioning. “The body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together,” he says.
Kettlebell training doesn’t build bulky muscles, but instead, toned and lean muscle mass.
When executed properly, kettlebell training is safe and is fun. It’s never monotonous like some other types of training.

Love the Way You Look

If you’re not happy with the reflection you see in a full-length mirror, you can change all that. In a very short time, you’ll love the way you look when you include a healthy diet and regular exercise in your life. Both of these not only tone the body and help you lose weight, they also can improve your spirits and give you more vitality. Looking healthy is a rudimentary part of looking attractive. One study showed that the glow achieved in a healthy person made them far more attractive to others.

Lose weight faster by combining exercise and a healthy diet.

While you might lose weight by starving yourself or sticking to a fad diet for a short period, diets don’t work. That’s because they always end and you go back to eating the foods that put on the weight in the first place. Instead of dieting, making wiser and healthier food choices is the key to weight loss. Adding exercise to that makes the pounds fall off faster, while also firming and toning your body at the same time. Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to making these changes and that’s where the help of a personal trainer can be a huge benefit. Trainers not only know simple changes you can make to the way you eat to help you lose weight; they can also create a workout program that maximizes your weight loss.

Improve your vitality and appearance with regular exercise.

People with more energy are just naturally more attractive. They don’t look bedraggled after just a minimum amount of exercise and often have more than enough stamina to last through even the most difficult days and still look good. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help boost your energy levels, while also improving your health.

Tone and firm muscles while you improve your overall health.

Regular exercise not only makes you look healthier, it keeps you healthier. Studies show that people who exercise regularly help prevent serious conditions. These include everything from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease. Regular exercise also makes you look younger, too. It can slow the aging process by lengthening the telomeres. These help prevent cell damage and death and keep the cells replicating properly. It also stimulates increased blood flow to feed all cells, including the skin. Not only does regular exercise shape and trim your body, it also takes years off your facial appearance.

When you exercise on a regular basis, you sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep helps your body heal, clears the mind and makes you look better.
Exercise is a stress buster. It burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel more positive and happier. That also makes you more attractive.
Studies show that people who start a program of exercise have a better self-image, even before they see results. You’ll start feeling better about yourself almost immediately.
You’ll have more energy to do the fun things life has to offer. Not only will you enjoy life more, you’ll smile more, which also makes a huge improvement to your appearance.