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Ways To Exercise As A Couple

Having fun and enjoying an active lifestyle can bring to people together to create memories that last a lifetime. Many people in Totowa, New Jersey, enjoy the time they spend together in pursuit of an active lifestyle. For those that don’t share the same interest in a specific sport, finding a way to exercise as a couple is important, but not that challenging. There are many reasons working out together is beneficial. Lots of those reasons are the same as the ones that make workout buddies a good idea.

If you’re starting a workout program with a spouse, both of you have to make a commitment.

If just one person in the couple is dedicated to getting fit and the other couldn’t care less, but just wants to keep peace, it will be far harder to stick with the program. Make sure you’re both committed before you start. It takes being really honest with each other, but extremely important. One thing that makes couple workouts more attractive is that it improves their sex life and overall relationship. Create a plan and schedule the workout at the same time each day. Make sure it includes strength, flexibility, balance and endurance training.

When your spouse is your workout buddy there are benefits, but also drawbacks.

I don’t know why it is, but sometimes people fail to meet commitments with a spouse that they’d meet with other people. Probably because they feel more secure in the relationship. Set the ground rules. Maybe you won’t workout together every day and make alternate days at the gym your date night. Find ways to workout together whether it’s as simple as a walk, shooting hoops or doing squats or bodyweight exercises during commercials when watching TV.

Doing couple exercises can be more fun and more challenging.

Change up squats to make them more fun. Start back to back-to-back in standing position with arms intertwined. Then both of you do a squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Alternate with ones that start back-to-back with arms folded in front. Do a couples plank, facing each other. It’s a regular plank, but in the middle, each raises one hand and you do a high five, then back to starting position. Modifying old favorites can make them fun again.

If you aren’t sure where to start on your workout program, we’ll be glad to help. Since you’ll each have different goals and fitness levels, working with a professional is important. Remember men tend to lose weight and build muscle faster, so we help keep it realistic.

Having a spouse as a workout partner provides benefits, like emotional support and even some competition.

There are definitely benefits to having a spouse as a workout partner, like having a spotter or cheerleader for motivation.

If you want a real challenge that’s lots of fun, consider kettlebell training. There are other things you can do with a spouse, like wheelbarrow exercises. Learn new ways to get fit with us and practice at home.

Does Exercise Help With Depression?

Does Exercise Help With Depression?

If you’ve ended a relationship or had a rough day at work, it’s normal to have a case of the blues. However, if feeling down and depressed occurs every day, you may need some help. Severe depression requires professional help, but if it’s mild, you might be able to get help with depression from exercise and a healthy diet. In fact, exercise is an adjunct therapy used by some counselors.

Exercise can help burn off stress hormones and create ones that lift your spirits.

The fight or flight response is built into man when life’s stressors included wild animals and warring tribes. Today’s stresses include traffic jams and angry bosses. Stress that isn’t resolved can lead to depression, so finding ways to resolve the stress is important. Exercise can do that. It helps burn off the hormones of stress and causes the brain to trigger the production of hormones that make you feel good. It also aids in neurogenesis, which aids in creating new brain cells, so it can help prevent mental decline.

The exercise helps boost circulation, which is important.

Vigorous aerobic exercise gets your blood circulating and studies show it is one of the best depression-fighting types of exercise. It doesn’t have to be intense, but you do have to keep moving. The more intense the workout, the harder you work and that boosts happy hormones, like endorphins. These hormones are meant to deal with pain and act like a natural morphine. They produce a sense of well-being that replaces the feeling of depression.

Strength training can also help.

Studies show that strength training can aid in relieving depression. Some impressive results came from a study on stroke survivors. After just ten weeks of strength training, there was a marked decline in signs of depression. The results were seen as a combination of the actual exercise and the feeling of more control and mastery of their body that helped improve their mood and diminished anxiety.

  • To get that boost and feel better, the exercise doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as jogging, running or walking 30 minutes a day. If you start with walking, you can slowly increase the pace as you get fitter.
  • Mild exercise like tai chi and yoga can improve flexibility and the slow movements can even help lift depression. Studies show both have helped make significant improvement in people that were depressed.
  • If you’re not ready for formal exercise, just turn on the music and dance. Make it a motivational song or one that’s happy. The combination of the lyrics to the song and the movement can help boost your spirits.
  • If you’re suffering from severe depression, don’t hesitate to get professional help. You can always add exercise as you work with the professional. For those bad days, or mild depression, get out your running shoes or go to the gym. You’ll feel better after you do.

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Is Eating After 8pm Bad?

Is Eating After 8pm Bad?

Is eating after 8pm bad for you? Does it affect your digestion and make you gain weight easier? Do you need those bedtime calories to sleep soundly and get to sleep quicker? That’s a conundrum that’s plagued humanity for the last few decades. Not only does what you eat before bedtime make a difference, how much you eat is also important. There are also questions about physical problems eating too late can cause, like acid reflux.

Is there a link between nighttime eating and gaining weight?

Some studies say there may be, while other studies show the opposite. The truth is, a calorie is a calorie, no matter when you eat it. However, consuming food within a certain window of time, automatically limits your intake of food. If you cut out food after a certain hour, you’re automatically cutting out calories from your diet, most of which come from foods that are ready to eat, like pastry and junk food. So, eating late can cause an increase in calories because it allows you to eat more food. That will cause weight gain.

Why would you eat at night?

Man was wired for survival long before refrigeration or grocery stores. If you’re hungry, that original instinct triggers your brain to stay up and look for food. Our lifestyle has evolved, but the same instincts remain. If you have problems with insomnia on an empty stomach, keep foods high in tryptophan available for a late night snack. It’s an amino acid that helps create niacin, which is necessary to make serotonin that can help you sleep. Foods that are high in tryptophan include eggs, cheese, chicken, milk, soy and turkey.

Choose your late night snack wisely and include it in your overall diet.

Just like foods with tryptophan, foods that contain melatonin can be beneficial for sleep. Melatonin improves the circadian rhythm and that can help treat insomnia and improve sleep disorders. Is jet lag a problem? Blame it on messing with your circadian rhythm. Almonds are one source of melatonin. Pistachios, eggs, milk, goji berries and fish are also good sources. Increasing your vitamin D can also help, especially when it’s combined with omega-3 fatty acids because it boosts serotonin production. Tuna, salmon and other fatty fish provide both.

  • Consuming food with magnesium can also help improve the quality of sleep. It lowers stress hormone levels. Almonds contain magnesium, so one ounce at bedtime may be beneficial.
  • If you eat at night, make sure you eat light with foods that are easily digested. Your body needs activity to digest food, especially a big meal. Avoid fatty food, like fries or chips. Saturated fat affects the quality of sleep, interrupting NREM sleep.
  • Be prepared if you know you’ll be hungry before bed. Make a parfait in a small mason jar with a lid containing Greek yogurt, walnuts and black cherries. Store it in the refrigerator. Have a fruit bowl ready that has cherries and kiwi—for the serotonin—and bananas for the magnesium.
  • Focus on carbs before bed. They’re easier to digest and help you sleep better according to one study. Again, this may relate back to earlier instincts that allowed man to relax when his belly was full.

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Foods That Can Help You Look Younger

Foods That Can Help You Look Younger

You already know that a well-balanced diet is good for your health and it also can keep you fit and slim, but did you know the foods you eat can help you look younger pr age you more quickly. That’s right! You not only are what you eat, you’ll look it, too. Those chips and cookies may look good but before you know it, all that junk food can add extra wrinkles and dull your complexion. If you look in the mirror and it seems like a stranger….a much older stranger….is looking back at you, maybe it’s time to start cleaning up your diet. To make the change even faster, get daily exercise, too.

Don’t fear fat, include healthy fat in your diet.

You’ll notice the word healthy was right before fat. That’s because not all fat is good…just as not all fat is bad. Trans fat is unhealthy and can age you. It’s found in fast food, snack food like chips, fried foods, non-dairy creamer, premade cake frosting, donuts, pastries and even commercial pizza dough. Avocado oil, olive oil and fatty fish contain the type of fat that is anti-aging. Some believe it’s the anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the elasticity in the skin, others think it’s the prevention of skin damage from the sun. Whether you’re eating avocados or enjoying fatty fish like salmon, you’ll be protecting your DNA. Fatty fish contains astaxanthin, which also improves hydration and elasticity.

For healthy skin, you need the right building blocks.

The produce section of your grocery, not the skin care section, is the key to beautiful, youthful skin. You need a colorful selection of fruits and vegetables for gorgeous skin. Red, yellow and orange produce is loaded with beta-carotene. It’s an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from damaging the DNA, causing cell damage and death. Blue, purple and green fruits and vegetables also contain different antioxidants. Vitamin C, for instance, is an antioxidant and important for the production of collagen. You’ll get it in citrus fruit, but also red bell peppers and broccoli!

Cut out food with added sugar and snack on nuts and fruit.

If you’re grabbing a candy bar at break, you’re causing your skin to wrinkle by making it lose both elastin and collagen. Sugar in your diet can cause AGE—advanced glycation end products. Those cause wrinkles by diminishing the elastin and collagen. Grab fresh fruit for a snack or include nuts. Nuts can boost the amount of collagen in the body and help prevent skin from sagging. The omega3 is what does it and walnuts contain a high amount.

  • Add spices to your meals and keep those wrinkles at bay. Cinnamon boosts collagen production. Capsaicin, the substance that makes chili peppers hot, slow age-related skin cell changes. Ginger can help reduce age spots.
  • Cutting out highly processed food, like white bread can help lower inflammation, which can increase aging. Increasing vitamin C in your diet reduces wrinkling, normally associated with aging. Eat strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and you’ll improve skin hydration and thickness.
  • Make bone broth from the bones removed from meat, even rotisserie chicken. Bone broth is high in collagen, which can improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkling.
  • Make wrinkles less noticeable by eating food high in lycopene, like tomatoes. One study showed women who at food high in lycopene reduced the depth and visibility of wrinkles in 15 weeks.

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Fermented Foods That Boost Immunity

Fermented Foods That Boost Immunity

Grab some kimchi, sauerkraut or yogurt for a healthy immune system. Eat a pickle or two or enjoy some tempeh. Why? Because they’re all fermented foods that boost immunity. Your digestive system is a huge part of your immune system. In fact, a study of mice raised in a sterile environment found they had an underdeveloped immune system. Fermented foods contain bacteria and changes the starch and sugar in food to lactic acid and alcohol, preserving the food and nutrients by stopping the growth of bad bacteria and fungi. It makes the nutrients in food more bioavailable.

You can drink your fermented food, too.

Have you ever heard of kombucha or kefir? They’re both drinks that can boost your immune system. Kombucha is fermented sweetened green or black tea that is touted as having many health benefits, although no studies have been done to see if the claims are true. Kefir is fermented milk and has been around for hundreds of years. It’s like drinkable yogurt and came from the Northern Caucasus Mountains that’s known for its long-lived population. It not only contains probiotics, it contains vitamins K2, B12, magnesium, biotin, enzymes, calcium and folate.

What health benefits can you get from fermented food, besides nutrients?

You’ll improve the health of your digestive system and boost your immune system when you consume them. Fermented foods can aid people with constipation or IBS. Improving your digestive system can also help reduce bloat, constipation or its counterpart, diarrhea. In fact, when taking an antibiotic, if you consume probiotics like yogurt, you won’t experience the digestive issues that often occur. Your improved digestive system can boost nutrient absorption, elimination of toxins, increase antibody production and improve your immune system. The antibodies produced can provide aid in lowering sugar cravings and controlling appetite.

Whether you’re eating sauerkraut, a pickle or Kimchi, you’re eating fermented veggies.

Every nation seems to have found a way to keep food longer, for use during winter months when fresh vegetables and fruit was impossible to find. Sauerkraut originated in Germany and Kimchi in Korea, but both are ways to preserve vegetables for later. While sauerkraut only contains fermented cabbage, Kimchi contains cabbage plus a variety of other things, including scallions, carrots, shrimp and radishes. Both are high in antioxidants, both boost digestion and both improve cardiovascular health. Sauerkraut contains vitamins A, C, K and B vitamins. Kimchi contains the same and more, depending on the other ingredients besides cabbage.

  • If there’s a relish tray at the family gathering, load up on the food it contains. It normally has fresh veggies and pickles, which are fermented cucumbers loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and friendly bacteria.
  • Fermented foods are probiotics, which can help you lose weight. They slow the absorption of fat and help flush it out of your system. They also help process proteins better to keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Raw cheese is another probiotic food. It uses unpasteurized raw milk that has beneficial bacteria and enzymes not killed by pasteurization. It makes nutrients more bioavailable and assimilable, particularly for those lactose intolerant.
  • Have you ever tried miso? It’s made from fermented brown rice, barley or soybean. You’ll improve the health of your skin, boost your immune system and nervous system and it’s important for bone health.

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Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

You may have heard of the health benefits of cinnamon. Some clients at Primer Performance in Totowa, New Jersey have and asked me about it. Adding herbs and spices to your cooking can definitely boost the benefits of the food without adding extra calories. Cinnamon is one of those, but not just any type of cinnamon. There are two types. One is Ceylon cinnamon and the other is Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is true cinnamon, but most people have never tasted it. They’ve only had Cassia cinnamon, which is normally used in cooking and the most common type on the grocery shelves.

The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is what provides the benefits.

Cinnamon is harvested by cutting stems from the cinnamon tree and use the inner bark after the woody part is removed. It’s dried in strips, the ground. Cinnamaldehyde is in both Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon, but Cassia cinnamon, the one most people use, also has a large amount of coumarin that has a negative effect on health when consumed in large doses. Unfortunately, Cassia cinnamon is far cheaper than its counterpart, which is why it’s used more often.

Cinnamon can provide protection from diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance has become a huge problem in the United States. One spice for reducing blood sugar levels is through the use of cinnamon. It improves insulin sensitivity and aids the cells to uptake insulin. That lets more glucose into the cells. It decreases blood glucose levels by mimicking insulin, which allows more glucose into the cells and lowering blood sugar levels. It also slows the breakdown of carbs after a meal, slowing the amount of glucose in the bloodstream.

Protect cell health with cinnamon.

There are many antioxidants in cinnamon. Antioxidants can prevent oxidative damage that cause cell injury or death. That’s responsible for serious conditions and premature aging. Cinnamon has a high amount of polyphenols and in that respect, even better than garlic or oregano for your health. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. Chronic inflammation is responsible for serious conditions, which includes heart disease.

  • The coumarin in cassia cinnamon is also found in other foods, which are also considered healthy. They include cherries, green tea, celery and licorice root, to name a few. While it does have negative side effects when too much is consumed, it also has benefits. It’s used to make coumadin, the blood thinner.
  • Cinnamon is good for lowering triglycerides and LDL, the bad cholesterol, as it also increases the HDL, the good cholesterol. It also helps lower blood pressure.
  • There are new studies that indicate that the chemicals found in cinnamon may help neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. One study found that consuming as little as a teaspoon a day of Ceylon cinnamon could help prevent the disease.
  • Improve your dental health with cinnamon. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Not only could consuming it help fight cavities and gingivitis, it can help improve your breath, too.

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Work Like A Dog, Sweat Like A Pig, Look Like A Fox

Work Like A Dog, Sweat Like A Pig, Look Like A Fox

At Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey, we’re proud of how hard our clients work. As the saying goes, “they work like a dog, sweat like a pig and look like a fox” because of it. It takes both commitment and consistency to achieve the results we see in our clients. Our science based workout program has a lot to do with the success, but it all boils down to their hard work and consistency.

If you’re working out hard, you’re sweating up a storm.

Sweat is Mother Nature’s cooling system. It also helps cleanse your system of impurities. Even though sweat is a sign you’re working out hard, you don’t necessarily have to sweat to get results. Just walking can help you get into shape if you do it on a regular basis. Just standing up more often if you’re in a job where you normally sit for hours, can reduce your potential for cardiovascular disease significantly. However, when you workout at the gym or increase the intensity of the workout, which promotes sweat, you’ll get those results faster.

You’ll look fantastic and feel great.

When you workout, you’ll boost circulation, which sends oxygen and nutrient laden blood to all parts of your body. Not only will sweating clear out your pores when you exercise, it also improves air flow, and aids in clearing up skin conditions like acne. The increased circulation increases collagen production and elastin, so your skin will look less wrinkled and you’ll look younger.

You’ll have pep in your step and a smile on your face.

No one is more attractive than a person who smiles. Part of being sexy is being healthy and happy. You’ll walk with the confidence of a good looking person who knows his or her own worth and likes the person they are. You’ll have more bounce in your step, which is also youthful and attractive. While exercise won’t necessarily stop the aging process, it can reverse some damage and prolong an attractive more youthful appearance.

  • While antioxidants that protect cells are found in food, your body also makes them. The more you exercise, the more antioxidants your body makes to protect your cells and keep you looking your best.
  • Get rid of stress lines on your face. Working out burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good. It also helps keep your mind as youthful as your body.
  • How else can working out help you look better, besides helping you lose weight and tone your muscles? It helps you sleep sounder at night. Lack of sleep not only can cause circles under your eyes, it can increase the hunger hormones in your body that causes you to eat more and gain weight.
  • The next time you workout, enjoy every minute of sweating, knowing your giving your body the workout it deserves to be its healthiest and draw you closer to your goal of a healthier, more attractive you.

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Moderation Is The Key To Success

Moderation Is The Key To Success

I’ve watched too many people start their exercise program and go gung ho the first day, even before they mastered the proper form. I often didn’t see those same people exercising the next day or for weeks afterwards. Much of the time, they either injured themselves or had such muscle pain it took weeks to recover. The solution is always to use moderation. It’s the key to success in any new endeavor.

Permanent change comes from creating new habits.

Those first few weeks into a new exercise program can be grueling. While the first day, your muscles may feel like you could go forever, but then the recovery period hits, and they hurt so bad you can barely walk. When you take the time to learn the proper form and start a program that fits your level of fitness, you won’t have to take a week or two off because of an injury. Learning the proper form is important and so is conditioning your body for a rigorous workout. It’s more important to have consistency than one muscle busting workout.

Changing your eating habits should be a priority, too.

No matter how great your workout or how hard you work, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. In order to get the results you want, you have to eat healthier. Healthier eating isn’t dieting, but choosing your food wisely. Instead of having a candy bar in the afternoon or a donut mid morning, opt for a piece of fruit or a small bag of nuts. Using Greek yogurt on your baked potato, instead of sour cream, can also increase your nutritional level and reduce your caloric intake.

Don’t try to starve yourself.

You can’t do that for very long and end up gaining the weight back you lost when you finally eat normally. It’s unhealthy and often the cause of yo-yo weight loss and even more weight gain. Whether it’s exercise or healthy eating, moderation is always best. It helps you stick with a program and make it a habit, which means you’ll never have to worry about gaining weight again.

  • Permanent change only occurs when you have a program of healthy eating and exercise that you can stick with over a long period of time.
  • When you use moderation in diet, it means you can still have some of your favorite foods, just not as often and keeping portion control in mind. It’s not a disaster if you have a piece of birthday cake, so you live a more normal lifestyle without guilt.
  • Make it a habit of drinking a glass of water before you eat, then filling your plate with a big salad and eat it first. Both help you eat less and can, over time, result in significant weight loss.
  • Moderation is also important for safety. If you’re working far beyond your point of exhaustion, it can cause injury, particularly if you’re working out with kettlebells.

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Should I Cut Out ALL Processed Foods?

Should I Cut Out ALL Processed Foods?

If you’ve read my blogs, you know I encourage eating whole foods with as little processing as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to give up foods with any type of processing. You don’t have to cut out processed foods whose processing is washing, cutting and freezing or many of the can goods on the shelf where the only ingredient is water and the fruit or vegetable.

Some foods are processed so much, you don’t know what they were originally.

They contain a litany of ingredients that sound like they were created in a lab…and some were. Some foods require processing to be edible, such as soy products or beans. It’s all about the ingredients and the amount and kind of processing. Seriously, washing a fruit or vegetable qualifies as processing. Yogurt isn’t yogurt without processing. Look at the label and check for added sugar, salt and other ingredients. If you buy peanut butter, the label should have one ingredient, peanuts.

Frozen fruits and vegetables may even be healthier than fresh ones.

When you buy your fruits and veggies at a grocery store, if they weren’t grown in the area, they were picked early and transported quite a distance. No matter where they were grown, they may have been sitting on the shelf for quite a while. Frozen fruits and vegetables often have a processing facility very close to the fields or even right on the property. They’re allowed to ripen to freshness and immediately cleaned and frozen, sealing in most of the nutrients. Vegetables may be blanched, which can reduce the water soluble vitamins, but once frozen, nutritional levels remain stable.

Always check the labels.

Look for signs of lots of processing, such as food with refined grains or those with added sugar or salt. Refined grains have none of the nutrients, unless they’re added later artificially. Foods made with sprouted grain flour or whole grain flour are the best. Sour dough breads are better than white flour breads, too.

  • If you have canned veggies that contain extra salt, you can still use them. Green beans might be one option. Strain the beans and rinse them several times in clean water then cook and eat. The rinsing removes much of the salt.
  • While frozen and canned fruit can be quite healthy, make sure they don’t contain added sugar. They should be packed in their own juice if they’re canned or frozen without any additive.
  • If you still wonder what processed foods are unhealthy, think snack food, processed meats, white bread and most commercial baked goods. Always read the label, even if you think it’s healthy, to see if it has preservatives.
  • If you opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, check out the “Clean 15” and “Dirty Dozen” lists to see if you need to buy organic. The dirty dozen is the list of non-organic produce that show signs of chemical contamination and the clean 15 are the top 15 that don’t.

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Does Drinking More Water Help Lose Weight?

Does Drinking More Water Help Lose Weight?

At Prime Fitness in Totowa, New Jersey, our personal trainers help you with all types of problems, making suggestions, both large and small, to help you reach your goals. We find many people are looking for ways to aid in weight loss. One that’s simple but can help you lose weight is drinking more water. Hydration is important, whether weight loss is your goal or not, but knowing it can aid in weight loss can add an extra incentive.

Fill up on water before a meal.

It’s simple, but true. If you drink a glass of water before a meal, you’ll eat less. There are several studies that prove that it’s true. One study showed that the caloric intake was lowered by about 75 calories. That doesn’t sound like much until you consider that’s 75 calories three times a day, which equals 225 calories a day or 1575 every week. In a little more than two weeks you’ll lose an extra pound without any effort, since it takes cutting 3500 calories to lose a pound.

Drinking water can boost your energy level.

The body needs water to function, without adequate hydration it’s not working its best. Your body is between 55 and 65% water, so it makes sense. Even slight dehydration can slow you down. If you don’t believe that, the next time you’re tired, instead of getting a cup of coffee, drink a bottle of water. You’ll feel the difference immediately. It boosts your metabolism as much as 30% and that increase can last as long as an hour and a half. Just drinking 8 ½ glasses of water a day increases the average person’s metabolism enough to burn an extra 96 calories.

You might think you’re hungry, but you’re really thirsty.

The body sends mixed signals sometimes. The line between thirst and hunger can get murky and you interpret it wrong. People may think they’re hungry, when in reality, they’re really thirsty. If something juicy, like fruit or a milk shake, sounds delicious, maybe you’re just thirsty. Before you rummage through your refrigerator to find that perfect item, often eating several others that don’t do the job, drink a glass of water first.

  • If you drink a glass of water before a meal, you’ll burn even more calories by making it ice cold water. The body burns extra calories to warm it and the body after you swallow it.
  • Substituting water for soft drinks can certainly reduce your caloric intake. Don’t even consider artificially sweetened ones, since studies show they increase the size of your waistline.
  • Even mild dehydration can cause a drop in your energy. That means you’ll burn fewer calories. Make sure you sip on water throughout your workout to maximize the benefits. Carry a bottle of water with you and sip on it throughout the day.
  • According to animal studies, even mild dehydration can slow fat burning. The cause may be hormone changes or the fact that water expands cell volume, which cause you to burn less fat.

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